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12-17-2012, 11:30 AM
Parity is a Disease
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Originally Posted by CitizenSnips View Post
i agree with smackdaddy. i understand the players need to 'get paid while they can' but where is their interest for the integrity of the league? also, why do all the pictures of fehr include the same highly paid players standing behind him like bodyguards?

why shouldn't the owners look out for their best interest? after all, they are the ones who have something to lose. there are teams that are losing money. no player loses money, no matter how badly they play. this is the biggest difference in this whole thing. there are teams that make money just like players who accepted these ridiculous contracts knowing what the consequences are, but there is no player that loses money because they fail to put something credible on the ice.

if a player gets hurt in the game, that is tragic and i do not wish to see it happen. i just want to make that clear. it just seems to me that the spectrum of money is on such a bigger scale for the owners than the players.
Your right, those poor little billionaires. How will they ever make it if they aren't guaranteed cost certainty, profit, and parity.

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