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12-17-2012, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
It sounds like you might just be really strong. I knew a guy at 5'6 and 150 who used a 100 flex cut down. Now he couldn't flex it much but still had a really good shot. Considering your country, you will probably be better off getting a 75-77 flex senior stick and chopping it down. The senior Vapors will be a little bigger diameter but same shaft shape.

Otherwise you can try a 70 flex Warrior, those are similar shaft shape but a little stiffer feeling (to me at least). Or go custom Warrior where you can go stiffer, or try Base hockey in 85 flex intermediate...
I'm not that strong really but I do take one-timers with all my body behind it. A senior stick? Is that even theoretically valid? I cut my stick pretty short, my vapor x40 was a 77 flex and it was right on the 92 flex marker after cut down

I've always used senior sticks before though, because my country only got senior sticks available when i started playing. And they were all righty... hence Indonesian hockey players of my generation are all shooting right LOL

Originally Posted by thedonger View Post
just my opinion, but i don't think it's due to bad technique per se, but more of a give and take when choosing particular stick flexes. for instance, one of the things i notice when dropping down to whippier sticks is that although my wrist and snap shots improve in velocity, i notice much more torquing and give when taking one-timers and receiving hard passes. just the nature of the beast.
what i notice that helps give just a touch more stability on one-timers(from any direction) for me with whippier sticks is to drop you bottom hand just a touch more than you usually do. i notice my shots come off more accurately and with more stability. still feels a bit weird, but you should get used to it with practice.
Interesting.. I'll give it a try this Saturday, hopefully it's not fogging so i can record a video and share it to you

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