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12-17-2012, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by RonSwanson View Post
Of course, but I never claimed that any Kings player "comes alive during the playoffs". So therefore, why does it matter what the Kings do?

I'm talking about Andy MacDonald and how constantly overrated he is by Blues fans. You (a Blues fan) said MacDonald comes alive in the playoffs and I proved that to be wrong. The Kings players have NOTHING to do with this discussion.
I was attempting to show sample sizing more than anything else. I did so in a personally-amusing way by showing that I can pick virtually any player and make them look as less than a playoff player.
The second selection, Jonathan Quick, if we were to use your methodology would come up as a passable-at-best goaltender.

I now realize that you will evidently need to go further in math before I can appropriately have a conversation with you regarding such things as sample size and averages.
My fault for being overly-presumptuous really.

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