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12-17-2012, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by hockieguy View Post
Hockeyfriend, how can you honestly think that CB is not a major issue? Who could they have drafted with the pick they wasted on him? Further more, has anyone considered that the past few drafts were purposely muddled as to draft players that make Burgess look not so bad? Desrocher is much better, they finally got Roy in the lineup..... my god, his pressence is destroying the dressing room. Poulin- Roy should have played with the Wolves last season, but the worst kept secret in the world was the fact he didn't make the Wolves so he would be forced back to Midget to play with.... Guess who? CB. Also, some parents of players had to go to management on the Capitals and tell them to stop awarding points to CB when he wasn't even on the ice. CB will never be sent down as NO TEAM, midget, JR. A to Jr. Z want him. He should not have even played AAA.... He is that bad. Burgess has ruined so many players over the last few seasons it is scary. The stories about Mark Burgess are heard all the way to us in Barrie. He is know as the snake oil saleman. Ask any NOJHL team if the will affiliate with the Wolves..... Thats why CB will never be sent down.... No place to go.
You are correct but just didn't want to slam the kid for his father's illusions of grandeur. cannot comment on being a dressing room problem but you are right about the rest...taking spots of worthy players. Possible that other drafts have been manipulated to allow his kid to "look" better.

Only time will tell where the team stands end of season and moving forward. Will MB care IF fans stop coming to protest his ruining the team? Don't know.

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