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12-17-2012, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by nabob View Post
Its also about what the fans want to see. Dana knows the fans want GSP vs Diaz on both sides. HE also knows that it will be a huge draw that will likely finish off Diaz who is pretty much finished anyways and will GSP another tune up for a big fight with a guy like Hendricks who will be more well known in a year.
also having hendricks on the same card as GSP/Diaz will allow him to be seen, impress and grab the mic and talk all kinds of smack about gsp, thats a matchmaker ppv dream.

if someone asked me if i would rather watch gsp/diaz or gsp/hendricks i pick the diaz fight every time. even if you say you'll give me gsp/hendricks + $100 instead im still picking diaz.

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