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12-17-2012, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
The NHL, as it stands, won't survive another lost season. All 30 teams will not be back. People will lose their employment, both staff and players. It is unfortunate because through this lockout, the two sides have been much, much closer as opposed to the last one. A deal is there this time. But the stubbornness of the two, the leader of each side wants to win now. It is not about salvaging a season, it has become about egos. It's a damn shame. Yes this is a business but also yes this is still just a game that entertains the many that were not blessed enough to play it themselves, or at the very least be paid to do so.
Part of me hopes that the season is lost and some franchises do have to fold. Maybe this crap will be taken a little more seriously the next time a CBA is up for renewal and we don't have to sit here watching both sides play chicken and end up crashing headlong into each other.

Anyways, here's a good summary of the whole lawsuits and disclaimer process

The big takeaway is that it's really uncertain what would happen if this drags out, and that it will take a long time if it drags out

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