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12-17-2012, 12:58 PM
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Just listened to recording of Bill Daly on Sirius/XM NHL Radio this morning. Some interesting nuggets:

Daly points out in conf. call Friday PA still asking for $67.25M cap that never goes down, plus compliance buyouts/escrow caps.

Daly called those "very significant dollar issues."

Daly called Dec. 31 games "extremely unlikely." Seems obvious, but he's on the record saying that now.

Daly reiterated disclaimer danger, said in his view it would "clearly put the season in jeopardy."

Daly gave context to "hill" comment. Said it happens to be quote from someone inside ownership room, owners felt bought that item in talks.

Daly: "We believe we've made a lot of significant moves in the players' direction almost on a repeated basis from really the start of the lockout to this point. And at some point, you get to the stage where you've basically you've put your best offer on the table and you hope it gains some traction, and I think it's safe to say that's the feeling at this point."

Daly also described legal action Friday as "defensive" in anticipation of disclaimer and PA legal action.

It's the cap number and limited escrow that is clearly a concern...after all this time the PA is still running away from taking a firm share of HRR. They are trying to use the 50% as a "starting point" and put in an inflated cap and escrow limiters that would allow more than that 50% to flow to the players. Add into that the entire make whole and cap compliance buyouts and you have a PA that has spent the entire time trying to get money to go to the players that isn't inside or the intent of the system. Now that is fine if that is what they've decided to try to do, but I'm not sure how many people realize what the PA has actually proposed has very little to do with 50% of HRR.

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