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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post
Wonder how a guy who plays football in the deep south becomes a fan of the Winnipeg Jets? Interesting, nonetheless.
He's from Wisconsin, that's likely why. Also played hockey as a kid, went into football as it was cheaper.

Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
Baldwin wrote a bold article and proved why he needs to keep writing about football from a safe place while the real minds make the draft selections. in fairness Fairly looked very food in his last collage year but this is a living example of why drafting for charcter (Scheifele, Trouba, Lowry, Yuen. Kosmo) is not a bad strategy IMHO. When it's blended with talent and work ethic it can be a lethal combination.

The story on Monday night football was of Watt going in a hospital visit as a rookie and before hand he bought a bunch of texans gear (not knowing the team provides it ). long story short he meets three kids who lost "both parents" in a horrific car crash. On top of that two of the boys are paralyzed and in wheel chairs and JJ is pretty moved by the story and he befriends the kids. Fast forward to this season and JJ is still really involved in the kids lives. They have since moved in with their aunt and uncle and JJ is a regular around the house.....he hangs out and plays basketball with the boys who are still in wheel chairs but seem to have surprisingly upbeat attitudes. In one of JJ's sack celebrations he did a wheel chair motion for the boys. Sometimes these bios can be corny but this one was really uplifting and showed why JJ is an amazing young man.

I thought he was off the charts as a football player bedore i saw the bio but now i am a bigGer fan of him as a person.
Here's the vid:

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