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06-02-2006, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by DanyHeatley#1Fan
It wasn't our fault! The Colisée was full everynight even on losing seasons! The fan support was great, Aubut was just intelligent enough not to lose money and to sell the team while a hockey team was worthing something. We lost our team because of the greed of the players and of some lousy owners that gave those said players 10 millions a year to play hockey. Now, with the new economic system Quebec city could survive easily. Anyway, Colorado and MInnesota got a second chance, why not Quebec?
I don't dispute the fan base was great. What it came down to was that the stadium was/is too small. Will Quebec City support building a new NHL compliant stadium? The cost to the taxpayer is prohibitive at best. Also, believe it or not, a 43 million dollar payroll is still too much for Quebec. If the team gets good, then they'll always be pushing the cap limit.

All you posters slamming other possible cities as NHL sites are just being bitter. Quebec had a team and now they don't. It didn't just happen overnight, and now that there is "fiscal responsibility" in the league it's too bad. 30 teams are more than plenty and getting back into Quebec City isn't a priority. I doubt you'll see the Habs interested in supporting a Quebec City bid. Sharing their popularity again leads to less revenue from merchandise and that isn't an attractive proposition.

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