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12-17-2012, 02:37 PM
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Updated Section of Rules...

1) PLAYSTYLE: What is and Whats Not Allowed

Anything and everything is allowed in the Bluth Company. Shortside dekes, backhand-forehands on the breakaway, rebound goals, tying people up on faceoffs, wrist shots from the slot, etc...Its ALL 100% OK with me as Commissioner of The Bluth Company.

What is NOT ok with me is Excessive Use of anything mentioned above or anything not mentioned above. This league is about having fun. There aren't leaderboards, no Cash Prizes, no special recognition. Hell, even when you win the Stanley Cup the only thing you get are moderate bragging rights between 29 other people and one special post from the Commish congratulating you. This league is about having fun and doing any one sort of tactic over and over and over again takes away the fun from your opponent. If you're confused about this, just keep the word "Diversity" in your mind. Mix your playstyle up. Nobody should be scoring all of their goals from doing the same thing over and over again. Nobody should be attempting to be doing the same thing over and over again (even if it doesn't result in a goal). If you've scored two breakaway goals doing the same move, try something else next time you get on a breakaway. If you've scored a few goals from wristers in the slot already, mix it up and work in some one-timers and rebounds. DIVERSITY people!

I want GMs to enjoy playing their games. This league should be about having fun, not putting up as many goals as you can. NHL 13 has a lot of flaws so lets not make those flaws worse than they already are by playing like some top 100 VS player schmuck. Mix things up, try something new, have fun! Its a videogame afterall.

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