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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
Absolutely. He was giving/taking. It was a good mix. I felt the entire match was just so well done. I give him a lot of props for trying to crawl to the ring at the end to stop DB getting powerbombed, but just couldn't make it. I really felt that story was properly told.

If that was Cena, they would have had him run down as fast as possible, not showing any effects. Ryback, on the other hand, sold it really well. He kept falling and running slowly/stopping to show he was hurt.
I think it helped a lot that Ryback wasn't the center of attention too, rather the spotlight was spread fairly evenly among all 6 guys. For not having much experience together, and especially in TLC matches together, they far exceeded my expectations. All of them. Even something stupid like Bryan locking in the crossface to each member of the Shield in succession, nearly submitting them, and then ultimately getting overpowered by Reigns, everything was fluid and they moved the match along flawlessly. The more I think about the spots in the match the more impressive the match gets to me.

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