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Originally Posted by tantalum View Post
Semantics. The leadership of the union wouldn't be carrying out this vote unless they intended to have it in their quiver on, let's say, the day before the NHL drop dead date.
The thing is though, as far as I'm understanding, decertifying takes away from the players as much as it gives. And eventually they'll want to form a union again and then they're all back to square one. However the owners handle the situation will obviously be different from when there was a union, but that's all likely to revert back just as soon as the players unionize again; and are the owners going to be any softer then... Haha... High hopes!

If the players do ultimately decertify, I understand that it means that the Salary Cap is then void. However, would there be anything preventing owners from offering only short contracts, or would that be considered "colusion".

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