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12-17-2012, 01:51 PM
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At this point, the World is basically passing the NHL by. Hardly any mention of this lockout at all except for the cult fans of the sport. I'm sure they will get some of the casul fans to buy back in, but I really have to wonder how many fans leaguewide will renew thier season tickets at this point? After 23 years at the Garden my family is done. My brother who kept them going is finally throwing in the towel. I gave my seats up in 233 after 5 years in 2010, but split my brothers seats. Im not going to renew again. Not that i wont go to games, just wont renew seasons.

Im not really on either side of this argument. I've hated Gary Bettman from day 1. I guess he is to be held the most accountable for this as he is active commisoner. He's failed the fans of the sport time and again. But...I dont really feel that any of these players are underpaid either. Had the pleasure of watching the Royals play at Superior in KP the other day. There was some current players there and a former NY Ranger there as well. W/out mentioning names these guys are up in arms over the owners. According to them they are all grossly underpaid. The fuinny thing is, one of them has about 26 career goals over a 12 year career, and didnt score a point all of last season. With that said, he makes more than the president of the United Sates.

The fans, and employees that are out of work from this are the only two real losers here. In the case of the fans, who have zero say in anything it really hurts as we are the ones that fund this sport with our disposable incomes.

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