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12-17-2012, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
How's everyone doing with their backup goalie rule by the way? I think Simpson has 5 or 6 games played for me so far.

Also thinking the punishment for this is going to be giving up your 2nd round pick, or being banned from Free Agency for that season.
How would the draft pick punishment work, exactly? Trade it to the worst team in the league for a 7th? Its not like we can skip the pick.

To be honest, the pick doesn't seem like much a punishment to me. If I'm nearing the end of the season, and seeding or something is at stake, which is more valuable, playing Lundquist the extra 10 games, or a mid-2nd or 3rd who will likely never play in this league? EDIT: To be clear, I'm suggesting that the punishment needs to be harsh enough to force compliance, not that the rule is a bad one.

(Not that I can think of a better punishment at the moment. No ideas.)

Anyway, I think Missiasen has started 4 games. I plan to play him again today against the Sharks. I generally use him against the Western Conference in road games. Gotta keep my home-town fans happy, after all.

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