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12-17-2012, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
Nothing at all, but nothing forced the owners to give out long term contracts like the Kovalchuk deal except competition with each other. So if Pittsburgh only offers Sidney Crosby a 5 year deal at $10 million per they'll be blown away when the Rangers offer a 10 year deal a $15 per with most of it up front in a signing bonus. You might think that will only happen for the big names but once they are all signed and many teams are struggling to fill a roster guess what happens when Christian Ehrhoff is the best player left? He gets tons of money and term.
You missed the point of my question. If the owners know that the players will reunionize in 1 year and then the CBA negotiations are back on the table... What's the point of offering more than 1 year contracts?

I certainly wouldn't be offering more than 1 year contracts. I'd say look, I can pay you as much as I want during this 1 year, but once the union is back and then the Salary Cap returns, I have to cut costs to be within the Cap. Offering more than 1 year contracts then create a problem.

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