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12-17-2012, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
10 games isn't too much to ask. Its simple following of directions and being an active GM in this league. Besides, if i go with giving up a pick, who gets the pick? The Commissioner?

Start your backup goalie 10 times. His W-L record must add up to 10 games. 10 games played with a W-L record of 5-4 or 4-3 =/= 10 games played and violates the rule.
I think it should be the Starters W-L Record needs to be no more than 72
Some teams may have more than 1 back up they will have start. Especially one back up gets injured.

Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
No they only get the Win/Loss if they play the full game i believe. I think draft picks are the wrong way to go. If the future drafts are going to have an insane lack of depth as this past draft did then losing a 2nd round pick at the price of having 10 more wins a season is nothing IMO.

The best punishment is restriction from Free Agency.
If the game is like the NHL IRL it should work like this.

Say I started Quick in a game.. he lets in 2 softies on the first 2 shots, I immediately switch him out for my back up, and I come back to win the game 4-3.. My backup goaltender would get that win, not Quick.

However if I start my backup and the same senario happens and then I put Quick in and lose 3-2 (without tying the game at any point) then my backup gets that loss.

THEN if I start Quick, go down 2-0, put in my back-up and tie it at 2-2, but then eventually lose 5-3 then the backup gets that loss.

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