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12-17-2012, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
You'll find that opinions of Joseph's quality of play in the playoffs vary widely. Some see him as the hero that saved Edmonton and Toronto's bacon, some call him a choker.
I guess I fall more on the positive side, though as always I could be convinced otherwise.

Goalies who come up huge every spring are pretty few and far between. We could find choking moments on every goalie's record -- even Roy took a lump when he was up for voting. To me a "choker" is someone who comes up small every year, and Joseph definitely wasn't that. His performance with Edmonton was one to tell the grandkids, so he did have that higher gear. Same as Beezer in '96, same as Barrasso in '91, so to me the playoff comparison seems like a big wash. It kicks back to the regular season where Joseph was good year in and year out.

The fact that Barrasso was a Penguin at just the right time isn't all that impressive to me unto itself. That doesn't elevate him over Beezer and Joseph in terms of individual performance.

Edit: Barrasso's Vezina record on the other hand might tilt the argument in his direction.

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