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Originally Posted by Disclose View Post
i agree with this.
the guy went from zero reaction, to getting the huge goldberg chants... and as the match kept going the whole place was chanting feed me more.
Originally Posted by Vince McMahon View Post
those "feed me more" chants sounded very piped in, at least earlier in the match when they were doing it.

It seriously went...

Ryback entrance - no reaction whatsoever
early in the match - "Goldberg" chants that somehow turned into "Feed Me More" chants, then more "Goldberg" chants, and then another spot where the "Goldberg" chants somehow turned into "Feed Me More" chants and then solid "Feed Me More" chants as Ryback got back in the match after going through the announce table.

It was odd. At least mute the crowd and the Goldberg chants if you're going to do that.
The Feed Me More chants seemed genuine to me. Maybe someone in attendance would know better than us? The crowd might have been chanting it to mock him as well, just to get him into the ring so he could go through a table, or at least be part of a big table spot. To me though, it actually did sound like he slowly won over the Brooklyn crowd

Originally Posted by RussianRocket10 View Post
I don't know what you guys think but I think that last nights crowd at TLC was the 2nd most Anti-Cena crowd I've heard behind One Night Stand 2006 when he faced RVD.
MITB 2011 was right up there with 1NS.

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