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12-17-2012, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by youngblood10 View Post
I'd be much more patient and optimistic if the team in general showed signs of improvement but they are not any better than last season. They might even be worse if it wasn't for the goalkeeping.

The culture is different around the team now then when they were successful. Now they think they are just going to magically turn on a switch next season and develop a work ethic with urgency in every game. That last group even before they started winning they played their guts out every shift and took it personally. I don't ever remember Boughner making excuses. Never. It was fun to watch them grow. This crap now is garbage and the polar opposite of what it takes to became winners. They can ride it out but this core just doesn't have that quality needed to be anything more than mediocre. They want to win but don't hate to lose.
This is all correct. Currently you have a coach that makes excuses and admits the coaches care more than the players. The question then becomes why should fans go out and see this team play? One thing people forget about the bid for a Memorial Cup is that they need backing from city council in the form of a financial "donation" and quite frankly with the way this city is right now they shouldn't back the bid in any shape or form.

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