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12-17-2012, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by iRep TheWingedWheel View Post
If you talking about the black one I haven't read anywhere that they were getting rid of that. You're allowed to have multiple Alts in the MLB and NBA, unlike the NFL and NHL.

The NBA does have rules about the amount of times you can wear them though. Not sure if the MLB does too.
In MLB, it's up to the starting pitcher which jersey the team will wear. Unless the alternate jersey is designated for a certain day, like the Giants' orange jersey is only worn at home on Fridays. I think the Braves still wear their home reds on Sundays. But most of the time, alternate jerseys can be worn both at home and on the road. Teams like Texas and Tampa Bay wear their alternates more than their regular home whites and road grays. At least it seems like it.

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