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12-17-2012, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by BoldNewLettuce View Post
You can send me your pick if you're antsy. I'll give him another four hours.
No, I'll be here when my turn comes around, I just see this as a bit of a waste, in all the other pools there's a limit and less than 12 hours.

I also find it really odd that he was here and didn't pick. If you're committed to a pool like this you'd think that you'd at least check in to see if it's your pick when you can on HF, if you couldn't get on here that's one thing, but being here and not picking seems odd that's all.

We are ahead of schedule though so I guess it's ok, I just kinda wanted to pick this guy last time to ensure I got him, but thought he might drop to me here, and have been worried he might be taken ever since

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