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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
That's not particularly fair to Thomas' 2009, who was competing against a 4th Place Hart finisher. Calling Thomas' season a second-place finish is a little insulting when it would take a good argument to have many of the 2006-2012 Vezina performances ranked above him.

Boston, 2009
Thomas (.933)
Fernandez (.910) - Backup
League Average (.908)

2006: Kiprusoff (.923); LA (.901)
2007: Brodeur (.922); LA (.905)
2008: Brodeur (.920); LA (.909)
2009: Mason (.916); LA (.908) - Runner-Up
2010: Miller (.928); LA (.911)
2011: Thomas (.938); LA (.913)
2011: Rask (.918); LA (.913) - Backup
2012: Lundqvist (.930); LA (.914)
I stand by what I actually said - Thomas' 2009 was an average Vezina year. If he had that exact same year in 2006, he would have finished 2nd behind Hart finalist Kiprusoff. If he had it in 2007, he would have finished 3rd behind Hart finalists Brodeur and Luongo. He would have competed with Brodeur and Nabokov in 2008 - not sure who would have won out of that trio. In 2010? Probably second to Miller.

In 2011? Second to himself from that year

In 2012? Probably third to Lundqvist and Quick.

Honestly, Thomas' 2009, while deserving of the Vezina, might have been the least impressive Vezina year since the lockout. It easily could have been a 2nd place finish in another year. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a weak Vezina like 1996 or anything; it was pretty average.

Edit: I mean, it wasn't that long ago. In 2008-09, did anyone think we were witnessing an all-time great season from Thomas? I sure didn't. He was the best goalie that year, quite clearly, but it wasn't some all-time amazing performance or anything.

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