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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Not really. TSN indicated that it gives the board until Jan 2nd to vote. So the PA now has from now (well Thursday) to Jan 2nd to use it as a threat against the NHL, to try and get better terms. Then from my understanding they'll need the players approval again if they didn't carry through on their threat between Thursday and Jan 2nd.

The big thing is if the players agree to give the board that power, then its most likely that they (the board) would go through with it.

I suspect that it will pass. But man-o-man would it ever be funny if it didn't pass. The PA would be screwed, and the NHL would have even less reasons to lessen their demands.
I understand but given the date most have circled on the calendar for a handshake deal to "save" the season is Jan 3 it's semantics. It wouldn't make much sense to vote on such a thing and give the union until June to use it. Though that's mainly my cynical view that this is all just a ploy by the union and not a genuine desire to disband.

Oh it will pass. if it didn't it would be essentially be a loss of confidence vote and they'd cut the legs out from under the negotiating committee. That would leave them susceptible to get completely and utterly steamrolled in a way we haven't even imagined could happen. So really what the PA leadership has done is dare the membership to vote against it knowing that will lead to outright destruction of the union. So the vote will likely go in the leaderships direction so they can get busy (potentially) destroying the union in a different way!

Really, this will end on the last day possible? Why? It won't be because the league has some script that will make it so but rather because that is the script Fehr has. His belief is the best offer comes on the last possible day. All the league is likely doing is holding enough back right now so they have room to move on that last day. If they move earlier they have to give up more and likely go past what they are comfortable with.

The danger for Fehr of course is that the NHL did have a masterful week not too long ago that turned some moderate owners into hawks which may result in the NHL calling the Fehr bluff and cancelling the season.

note: it's in my opinion that no matter what further concessions the PA gets from the owners it won't make up for the money they've lost and the money they will continue to lose due to the damage to the game.

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