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Originally Posted by TheSilfverBullet View Post
I heavily disagree with pretty much all of the above, but especially the bolded. I felt that Bane was done pretty horribly, personally. Aside from his truly awful voice altering, he's just not all that interesting. His entire backstory is rushed and he just ends up being nothing but some lackey for Talia that is killed off easily and out of nowhere.

To each their own though. All a matter of personal opinion, but I still believe that TDK was shafted not getting a Best Picture nomination in 2008, and for me, it holds up beautifully. Same could be said for Batman Begins but to a lesser extent.
I agree that Bane, as a character, was very lacking.

But in the optic of a vilain, he's one of the better ones of recent memory: I found the mismatch between his voice and his imposing physique to really push home the uneasiness the character is meant to portray.
He also goes up against Batman and wins, which instantly makes him far more threatening than the Joker or Ra's-al-Ghul to the viewer and heightens the tension felt throughout the movie.

For me the diametrical opposition of Bane and the Joker really made the whole experience interesting: whereas the Joker is a schemer who never goes up against Batman directly, Bane on the other hand is very open about what his plan and goes toe-to-toe with Batman and crushes him (that scene is easily one of the best of the trilogy). The social commentary on the rich vs poor and how such a dichotomy is easily highjacked was also very cool, even if it was just surface level: it did give a bit more to think about.

No doubt that the Talia twist was awful, that Bane's death was equally disappointing and his backstory was terrible (but on the same topic, the Joker had none so I'd say both antagonists are on equal footing in that regard) but I found Rises to be the most engaging of the movies: I was on the edge of my seat when Bane breaks Batman was rooting for the good guys at the end as if I was child.

The only good thing about Begins now is how Gotham was portrayed: the city was a lot more impressive in the first movie but the abuse of one liners really made watching it cringe inducing to the point where I will not watch that movie again.
Dark Knight was epic but watching it again felt woefully lacking, just as I'm certain that rewatching Rises will: those movies wow factor is a main driving force and once that is gone the movies are bare bones.

On the topic of movies The Hobbit was super awesome, I did not think I would like it but I got way into the movie and cannot get the main theme out of my head since seeing it on opening night.

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