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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Not doubting what you found out. But was it put into context as well? How many top end FA's were available, and how relative/competitive were Canadian teams at that time? Since the lockout, only Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton (briefly anyway) had competitive teams. Teams go through cycles of having success, and rebuilding/retooling. When Edmonton is blowing goats like they have the last few years, it doesn't surprise me in the least that a star player didn't sign there.

My point is there's so much that goes into a player making this decision that while we can point and go Canadian teams never get the top UFA's, it's not that simple. There's 30 teams in the league... and that UFA can only sign with one of them. They all have their own reasons for choosing the team they choose (competitiveness, money, location, team/GM/ownership environment, etc), and that saying that players only go to these locations is generalizing too much.
I realize there is a limit, but even with the cap Philly and NYR keep shuffling the deck to make room for the top of market. I also agree about the relative dearth of good players available. Goalies are a good case in point as in some years it seems that there is not one quality starter available (top ten to fifteen). I try to stay away from overgeneralizing but the big market Canadian teams are just not grabbing any top of market guys. Enough to be a trend for me especially when there are one offs like Nashville, Anaheim and now Minnesota that are stepping up.

BTW, I am firmly of the opinion that FA is probably the least effective way of approaching a cup. Just about the least important variable.

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