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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
2 points:

1. You can't say "teams were relatively quiet this offseason" in reference to the CBA when you are the one who brought up this conversation wondering why Shero didn't get a winger for Crosby. Maybe Shero was quiet for the same reason. Or, more likely, nobody wanted those players. IMO, Shero either wanted the big fish or nobody because he didn't see the long term solution and would rather let some wingers in the organization get an opportunity.

2. I have no idea what you mean about being against signing Knuble if we didn't re-sign Guerin. Many posters on here loved Guerin but felt that the wheels fell off later in his final season. He was still a valuable player, but not one I'd sign as a UFA. That would be more evidence that we shouldn't take a chance at Knuble.

Anyway, agree to disagree on the veteran re-treads. It's been valuable in the past, but I'd rather let the kids battle it out and do a deadline deal if needed.
Agree to disagree on that then. If someone like Iginla or Clowe becomes available, I'd want the Pens to pounce on that immediately. Knuble wouldn't hurt, but I think we will be seeing Jeffery or Tangradi in the top-6 next year.

Originally Posted by IanMoranFanclub View Post
Not addressing you personally necessarily, but I always find it ironic that one minute people want us to sign all these veteran scoring wingers (and I use the word "scoring" very loosely for most of those names), and the next minute everyone's complaining that the young guys never get a fair shake in the top 6. You can't have it both ways.
The young forwards won't be ready this year, as in Bennett. There's nothing wrong with a 1-year deal to fill a roster spot currently open. I don't know how much I like Tangradi right now, time will tell. He is in a slump right now, so I don't know if he should be in the NHL next year yet.

Originally Posted by Hottubber View Post
If Martin can step up and be the d-man he was supposed to, a Letang-Martin pairing becomes your number 1 pairing. I think thats a lot to ask of Despres to jump in and play top pairing minutes.

Letang - Martin
Orpik - Nisky
Engelland - Despres/Bortuzzo/Strait

Lovejoy should never be in a pens uniform again
Don't need to say that again. Lovejoy is completely awful. That 3rd pair makes me cringe though. I'm fine with the top-4, but that 3rd pair is just... ew.

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