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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
I'm starting to notice that each "Discussion Thread" seems to have one or two major topics that are the most heavily discussed. If this thread does focus on anything, i'd like it to be this...


It seems like every post is one of the following...

-GM X did this to me! Isn't this banned?
-I outshot my opponent and lost again! This game hates me!

...enough already. You guys are making these discussion threads a drag to read through. I dont even get excited coming to MY OWN threads anymore because theres just so much negativity. Its not all of you but it is most of you. This game isn't perfect. I get it, you get it, we all get it. But lets squeeze as much enjoyment out of it as possible. Isn't that better than coming to a forum and *****ing, hoping that someone will quote your post and be like "Yeah! I agree with this guy!"?

I'm not going to ban complaining or anything like that but you guys need to knock it off. As far as what is and what is not allowed, this is the last time i'm saying anything about it. Next time anyone brings it up and asks another completely unneccesary question i'm only going to respond with "Read the Rules in Post #1 of this thread". I dont want to deal with these discussion anymore. I've made it totally clear and yet you guys keep muddying everything up.

So, in summary:

-Stop Complaining so much about every little thing
-If you're confused about a rule, read Post #1. I've explained it dozens of times and no GM in my league is new enough to deserve further explanation.

thank jesus christ or should i say JESUS price

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