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12-17-2012, 04:27 PM
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I am a hardcore retro-gaming nerd.

I own an x-box 360 wireless controller with the little transmitter thingy that lets windows use it. I got it because I wanted a wireless controller to play games with and the 360s controller design is just about the best thing ever. The only problem is the D-Pad kind of sucks for 2-d games because of how mushy it is and how much crosstalk it generates (for example, pressing left and actually getting up or down).

So I found a mod on the internet that looked pretty easy to do and I just spent a couple of hours taking apart and reassembling my controller over and over until I found the best feel for it. I think it was worth it. What I ended up doing was sanding around the well that the d-pad sits in to give it more room to move, and added a little washer to the inside mechanism to take some of the slip away and give it better accuracy.

It has significantly improved its ability to play 2-d games. There is still some crosstalk, but not much more than you would get with a great d-pad like the SNES one.

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