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12-17-2012, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by mossey3535 View Post
But all disclaimer of interest does is accelerate the negotiation process. It would take years to fight and win an antitrust suit.

Besides, how can all other means of negotiation be exhausted...when even an antitrust suit relies on the THREAT of spur NEGOTIATION.
Right. And I'd suspect the NLRB will recognize this. I don't know if the players are really understanding what they're doing at this point. They're along for the ride and getting some questionable advice. This only works if the league is scared, and I don't see any sign that the league is afraid of the lawsuits. They might be confident in the outcome. I would be. Worse, they may excited to set a precedent for the next labor impasse when they'll trot this circus history out and kill any threat before it gets started.
If the players really wanted to go down this road, they're doing it the worst way possible. Just vote a straight decertification and walk away and file your suit and wait for two years to see the result. They might even get triple salary for those years in which they didn't play.
That they don't want to actually do that is obvious. They just want better terms in the collective bargaining. Doing it this way is not legal. And now the NLRB will likely decide that this is ridiculous, and they'll be back at the tables with one less arrow in the quiver and several months more of lost wages.

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