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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
The league is a lot different today than it was 20 years ago. Winnipeg and Quebec City moved for 2 reasons. Both teams needed new arena's, and neither team could find a buyer who would keep the team in either of those locations. In addition to both teams needing new arenas, the Canadian dollar was at an alltime low (.55-.60 cents on the dollar - IIRC). Kind of the same as the crap that Phoenix is experiencing (in terms of trying to find an owner willing to keep the team there). So much so that the only way someone will consider buying the team and committing to Phoenix is if the city gives them a very healthy arena management deal.

The reason fans cry for more Canadian teams is two fold. One because we're patriotic, and we see hockey (rightly or wrongly) as our game. And two is because it's hard to argue that a team in Hamilton/Southern Ontario/Toronto#2 or a team in Quebec City would not do infinitely better than Phoenix is doing - even if the US's economy improved, and Canada's tanked. That's not to say that there's not markets in the US (Seattle, Houston, etc) that would not do better than Phoenix.

I'm not advocating that we relocate a ton of teams (and this is where I'm probably in the minority). Heck I'm not really even advocating that we move anyone other than Phoenix. Mainly because I know it's not really feasible, or practicable, or really necessary. And I think that expansion is far more realistic and practicable.

Pronger was something else, but you can't really paint all Canadian cities with that brush. Vancouver signed Garrison (paid too much, imo, but they still signed him), and he was highly sought after. Edmonton just got Schultz - someone who every team in the league wanted - and Edmonton could NOT over pay him due to him being on an ELC, they also signed Souray a while back (highly sought after). Calgary hasn't done much recently (mind you their team's been on a decline for a few years now - sorry Flames fans). Montreal signed Cammilari and Gionta a couple years ago. Toronto signed a few UFAs.

Yes there's differences in living in some places in Canada, and in some places in the US (snow vs sandy beaches, etc). I don't think anyone doubts that. So while some teams may have issues attracting star players, that shouldn't be a reason why we slam them. Regardless of that, those teams will still be in much better shape financially than many of their US counter parts. Even if the dollar went back to .75 (which is where it was at in 04), those teams are still in better shape. Not a lot, but they're not losing millions yearly. Something to keep in mind, is that when 30%+ of the revenue is Canadian based, that when the dollar goes down (will happen at some point), the NHL's HRR will likely decrease... meaning that the cap/floor will drop as well.
Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
I have looked at the destinations of top FAs in the past. It is really a narrow list of teams that grab top of market FAs and I look at it over a very extended timespan. Most of the guys that have been named were not the top available at their position in that year which has been my criteria regarding the attractiveness of markets.

There was an article and poll some time ago about the players' opinions of cities as destinations. Edmonton and Buffalo were bottom of the list. I don't share the opinion but it is what it is. There have also been some teams that were previously rejected for what I would term very unfriendly relations with their respective front offices. It was obvious which teams those were.

Summarizing, NY and Philly topped the list as favorite destination. Chicago (recently), Boston, Colorado and Detroit were up there. Nashville and Anaheim had one off entries in the sweepstakes. Toronto and Montreal have frequently seen entries in the second tier of FAs, but never the first tier (best available at the postion, forward, dman, goalie).
This is what I'm talking about riptide. Last all star week is the Survey SJeasy is talking about. Frankly I am moving to NYC myself so I can understand. Why can't we get Canadians to come back to Canada once they get rich?

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