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12-17-2012, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by bluesfan94 View Post
To add to this point, Thomas was an ECAC 1st Team All-Star twice, a NCAA East 2nd team All-Star once, an NCAA East 1st Team All-Star once, voted the best goalie in the FEL in 1998, and was voted the best player by both the media and the players in the FEL while there during the 2004-05 lockout.
I'm sorry, first of all, I can't believe we're talking about Tim Thomas with only 24 names on the board of "best goaltenders in hockey history" - I mean, that's just disappointing. But I just don't get what this post has to do with anything relating to this project...what other goalies are getting credit for major junior and college success? That's not serious, right?

And being the best goalie in the 4th or 5th best league in the world, super...we didn't even dip this low for Holecek...

This is a great instance where we're creating a narrative to back numbers...and it's weird because the history unfolded in front of us...but look at how hard we have to reach to reverse justify these statistics! College all-star teams, a mid-tier professional program that has import rules, the AHL (not the pinnacle AHL like it was just before expansion, certainly, the "you aren't good enough to play in the NHL" AHL)...look at the strain to try to make it work for him...why? is there a big collusion, secret club thing that I'm not aware of?

Journeyman goalie finds defensive team - posts great numbers. Loses job. Posts great numbers. Quits. ...named one of the best goalies in history. Really? That didn't take goodness...can we talk about something relevant now, please...I'm sorry to be so ornery here, but it's a complete waste of time to be discussing least right now...we have to decide the 25th best goalie in hockey history now and we're sifting through NCAA All-Star teams from 20 years ago...what are we doing here?

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