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Originally Posted by limite View Post
This what really gets me. People like you denying the facts:

1. The Pens need forwards, not defendemen.
2. DP didn't make the team Canada.
3. He is simply not doung thst great this season
4. Alternate prospects like Gregorenko are going much better.
5. No prospect ranking has him in the top 40. A new #8

I really wonder what other evidence you would accept that is was a bad pick. How much worse would he have to do? Does his head have to fall off? I realize that part of the problem was the draft was very very weak, but there were still better options.

Not doubt, you will fall back on "you can't tell whether a pick is good for four years." That's a cowardly thing to say because in 4 years no one will remember what you said today and you will be free to claim that you knew DP was a mistake all along. It's the same pattern as for Dome, Esposito, Kraft and on and on. Every pick is just great. When the truth comes clear, all the rats quietly jump ship.
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