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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Kent was traded by the Mets when he was 28. While he was certainly look at as a "good" player at the time, he wasn't some up and coming star still. He was a moody SOB who took games off and didn't want to play for a losing team, which the Mets were at that time.

Just because a guy became a great player for another team, doesn't mean you can absolutely kill an organization for it. He was a moody POS who was absolutely dreadful to watch when the Mets were losing, if you actually watched him play.
Yeah, he wasn't an up and coming star except for the MVP award, 300 HR and 1200 RBI he accumulated after getting traded. You do realize he was traded for a prime David Cone. Thompson was a throw in. Cone was 29 and an ace at the time of the trade. Kent wasn't some scrub. He was blocked by Alomar in Toronto and he was traded because Dallas green liked Alfonzo better. That's fine.

And Kent was moody and a malcontent everywhere he played. he was an SOB. So was Strawberry. So was Randy Myers. So was Lenny Dykstra. Being an SOB isn't grounds for trading a guy.

As much as i blast Cano for loafing and being nonchalant, he's still the best 2B in the game and you don't trade guys like that until you have some type of death wish,.

Harvey is now overrated because people are basing his ability off of 10 starts at the MLB level at the end of the season. Is he extremely talented? Yes. Is he now a better prospect than Wheeler because of it? No.
Makes zero sense to me. Sorry. When Wheeler finally pitches in baseball, then we can compare. You can think Wheeler has a higher ceiling. Fine. Calling Harvey "overrated" because he actually pitched in the majors (and pitched extremely well) again, makes zero sense. Especially when you consider the Mets are being patient with Harvey and not touting him as the next Viola.

Harvey will likely be a great 3/solid 2, Wheeler has the potential to a great 2/ace for a few seasons.
Harvey had an ERA+ of 139 in his rookie year. Steve Strasburg also had an ERA+ of 139 his rookie season. Strasburg pitched about 10 IP more.

Seaver is an all time great, can't really hold it on Koosman for being overshadowed

Just saying that Koosman was never the ace of the Mets staff. Even when he outperformed Seaver, Seaver was still the ace of the staff.

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