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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
And in my next sentence I addressed that. Football isn't a direct competitor to the NHL from the midway point on..
That's what I get for quick-scanning a modertor's post between work tasks. Damn me all to hell!

And now to follow-up appropriately:

My view on the southern growth of the game is pretty got over-saturated too quickly, but was a great thing for the sport in general
Can you be more specific / quantify why it was great? What's changed about the NHL since then as a direct result of southern teams? I honestly don't see it other than Nashville becoming a pleasant surprise of a niche market, and I guess you could argue Carolina (sort of a tweener state). But I don't see how any of those teams have created more TV influence for the NHL or anything approximate in terms of growing the popularity of the sport nationally.

Anaheim - LA baseball: fair enough but then the question is, if it takes 40 years in baseball what will it take in hockey and will that long of a struggle with plenty of financial ups and downs in the meantime be worth it? LA is clearly established as a franchise and has been for a while. San Jose while full of playoff disappointments has been very competitive and a good product on the ice... Anaheim... I dunno. They seem like a mixed bag at best. I don't think the fans there are as into it as the other two venues based on anecdotal observations from Center Ice, etc.

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