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12-17-2012, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by truck View Post
You had lots of gold in there. A few thoughts...

Moving Coburn and Kari were huge mistakes IMO. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20, but the addition of those two players to last year's roster would have made a huge difference. Imagine last year's squad with a Coburn / Bogosian 2nd pairing and real consistent goalkeeping.

As for the rebuild, I am kind of in between you and Grind on the timeline.

I agree that a top flight forward would be a huge piece, but I am not sure that:
a) the Jets will get one in the draft (It will depend where our guys draft)
b) that a 2013 draft pick will make a difference quick enough to help this core. MacKinnon or Barkov would be amazing though. Could Monahan or Lindholm make the jump early?

Unless we add one of those guys, I can't see the new forward making an impact any time soon.

That said...

I do think our current core could develop or be made into a contender. It may be a bit of a long shot, but there is a chance and a lot of it will be about how Burmistrov, Kane and Scheifele develop.

The Forwards

Ladd is here for 4 year and while Little and Wheeler's deals are both up for renewal, TNSE should be able to re-up Little for really decent value. Wheeler will probably get a deal similar to Kane's. Neither of those contracts will throw the salary cap out of wack and while they may not be elite, they could be a cost effective top 6 grouping for the next 4 years or so.

Now we get to the ifs... If a line of Kane, Scheifele and Burmi can develop into a similarly dangerous group (or better) the Jets won't be hurting in the top 6. Call them 1a and 1b or even 2a and 2b, if that trio develops, the Jets will be fine. The system has an abundance of depth players and depth players can be had via free agency so I don't really worry about the bottom 6.

Of course hedging bets on that trio is a big gamble, so some tinkering with free agency would make a big difference and add a lot more security. Obviously one of Kane's buddies (Perry and Getzlaf) would be huge, but even someone like Roy or Zajac or any pretty much any other decent 2nd line C / RW could make the Jets top 6 into a solid unit.

The Defenders
The Jets have 3 very good defenders signed long term, but there definitely is a hole on that 2nd pairing. I have been a big defender of Hainsey, but I am always looking for upgrades. Filling this position from within will probably take years, especially if the Jets hope to do it with a 2013 draft pick.

Long term, Buff could be moved to make room for Trouba. Short term, I live the idea of a free agency pickup. I have had dreams of Smid for a long time. I think he would be a perfect fit next to Bogo on that 2nd unit, but there will be other options via free agency.

The Jets nabbed a top 6 stop gap in Olli, if Scheifele and or Burmi can legitimately earn top 6 roles in the next two years, then the Jets can role with this core. Of course, a couple solid FAs would expedite the process.

If the youngsters tank, the rebuild will have to start over... and the core moving forward will be Bogo, Scheifele and Trouba.
Very much agree, Truck.

I'm hopeful our young players will really contribute at the NHL level within the next two to three years, to take advantage of current core guys of LLW, Pavs and Toby being in their primes.

If it becomes apparent they won't be able to contribute within that timeframe, then upgrades via trade and FA is definitely needed. Really, the only concern i had with signing Oli is his age. In short-term, he's a big help, but his long-term value to the Jets is marginal, imo.

I'd target a bit younger a player via trade - say a Bobby Ryan or Nick Backstrom-type (if the later is availabe due to his large contract and the asking price was 'reasonable') - to fill existing line-up holes.

If the Jets are drafting in the 10-20 slot this year, they may get a quality player, but that player would be 4+ yrs away. If they pick in the top 5, that player may only be 2-3 yrs away from contributing in a significant way.

I think the Jets rebuild is pretty fluent. I'm hopefuly if something pops up via trade market, that can speed this 'rebuild', Chevy jumps at it.

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