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12-17-2012, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
DP was the best goalie in the NHL. Wait....he was top six in a stat once. Same thing. His market value was $2-2.5M when he signed that asinine mound of fertilizer contract. But he had two good seasons total (1 1/5 really) so he CERTAINLY was being paid what Misstress Cleo said he'd be worth at worst - though we all knew Patrick Roy was scared of his amazing positioning.

I still think he's the greatest. I just won't get into what with you.....but he's great, certainly. I feel bad he has to retire.....but hey, winning is cool. Never listen to doctors or goalie coaches. Period. The money is much easier when you don't have to work for it!
Do you read what you write? Yeah, he doesn't have to work for the money? I guess you are some super robot that thinks rehabbing is easy. Listen, you said you were old. You probably hurt getting out of bed in the morning. Try rehabbing. The pain it takes to exercise through scar tissue and get limber again. That is work no matter what way you try to spin it. If you have any sense of right and wrong you will at least acknowledge the gross error on your part in saying that rehab isn't work.

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