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12-17-2012, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Plante View Post
Seriously lol. Can you tell me the lottery numbers too?
The history of championship teams in the NHL is enough to validate my comment.

The man can transition seamlessly between the two positions, I think you're over stating the importance of him playing center this tournament.
We could be looking at a situation where is Galchenyuk not playing center for a long period of time if he's not centering a line at the WJC. We are talking years here.

He's been on the wing since mid-October or so... chances are strong he finishes the year on the wing in Sarnia and/or he's possibly a winger as a NHL rookie like many here want, whenever that is (this year or next season). So already, that's possibly 2 seasons.

Throw in barely playing it last year due to injury...and you are looking at potentially 3 seasons of not playing center regularly.

I can just see the conversation in 2-3 years being ''He's doing really well on the wing, why should we move him to center now? He's barely played it recently anyway.''

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