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Originally Posted by Florentino Ariza View Post
Noooooooooooooo I cant let our agreement on things end like this.

Obviously there are awful writers, but itīs all subjective, thatīs what I meant. Among those writers that I mentioned, I dont think there is an awful one among them. One of my favorite books is For Whom the Bell Tolls, but I also liked Atlas Shrugged. To like the second one, I simply rejected most of the philosophy and enjoyed the story.

Anyhow invictus I know you are interested in International January Ill start my masters in that field in DC....I am pretty stoked. I even got an internship at a really interesting think tank doing work on energy security. It seems like I will actually be doing things beyond copy-making
Haha, you saved it. Your further explanation is completely reasonable Go us!

That is awesome! I am actually flying to DC at the end of January to interview for a few random jobs and whatnot at some think tanks (none that deal with energy security, that sounds cool though), State Department, etc...I am kind of nervous because one of the places actually fronted my plane ticket for me. So, I feel like I need to try real hard not to suck

But, that sounds awesome to start your Masters and have a solid internship going on! Congrats. If this trip turns out to be a fruitless endeavor, I will probably look to serve another year through AmeriCorps VISTA in either the DC area or San Francisco and make them pay for my move! Hooray.

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