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Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
I think it's either selective reading, or complete misrepresentation, of what's been said in this thread to suggest there's "so much hate on Pouliot". Just because folks believe someone else should have been taken instead of Pouliot, or believes someone else will have a better career than Pouliot, does not mean they "hate" Pouliot or think he's a bust.

(edit: I just realized this isn't the Pouliot thread. Apparently he creeps into every thread on this board now)

For instance, hypothetically if the Pens had taken Bobby Ryan in 2005 instead of Crosby, just because folks complain they passed on a better prospect, that does not imply that Bobby Ryan is not a good player or is a bust. It simply means that Crosby is better than Ryan.

This is an extreme example and I am in no way making a direct comparison, but rather an analogy of how just because folks may not be happy about a pick or a prospect, does not immediately imply they believe the player will be a bust or hate the player personally. They simply feel the player they passed on was or will be the better player than the one chosen.
It's mainly from Limite or whatever his name is. Others are just saying that they think Grigorenko would have been better, which I can respect. I disagree with it, but I can understand it. Personally, at the time of the pick, I wanted Forsberg, but I've really warmed to Pouliot.

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