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Originally Posted by CootaRoo View Post
I just don't see why Joseph is THAT much more highly thought of than Valle. Defensively, Joseph has thrown runners out better than Valle, but Valle has been better overall (though Joseph has gotten better since his 19 PB in 65 games in A in 2010). Offensively, they both have had similiar numbers (though admittedly with a 1 year age difference skewed towards Joseph) at every level (with A+ being the one marked difference with a 80 point OPS difference in Joseph's favor) particuliarly last year in AA (.715 vs. .716 OPS). Joseph takes walks better, but Valle has more power and, imo, the former is teachable and the latter is not.
Plate discipline is a skill. It can be taught to a certain point like many other skills, but in reality, you either have it or you don't. Valle doesn't have it.

Valle's plate discipline is going to keep him from being nothing more than a backup. He's got nice tools- good defender, nice pop, decent average, but it's a red flag when his walk rate goes down with every promotion and his K rate rises with each promotion. You can deal with strikeouts when a player is getting on base and/or hitting for power. Valle has nice pop, but its not enough to offset his horrendous discipline.

Joseph doesn't walk a ton at the moment, but he has improved since his professional debut. Valle hit more HRs last year, but Joseph has better raw power (if Joseph had Valle's approach he would have hit more HRs). Joseph hit 22 HRs in 2011 albeit in the CAL league. Valle is a better catcher right now, but Joseph is improving and is a better thrower and gets praised for his leadership. He has done this as a 20 year old in AA. This is a big year for Joseph in regards to his future. I hope they let him start in AA this season.

The organization was willing to part ways with Valle for a reliever. That right there tells you he isn't in their long term plans. Regardless, the Phillies have a lot of depth at the catching position. Joseph, Valle, Rupp, Lino, Ludy.

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