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My Noob Story

I've always loved hockey, played a lot of street hockey when I was a kid, and roller bladed a lot...basically stopped playing when I was in high school and never got back into it.

Now I'm 26, and decided that I want to play ice hockey. Crazy, whatever. Last winter I picked up a pair of the cheapest skates I could find at Dick's (they were Easton Sys2, no idea about them). I taught myself how to skate in them, even though they hurt terribly and I'm pretty sure the blades were never even (and they were too big, as I now know). Nothing fancy, I could stop (or at least slow down) and skate forward.

Anyway, got a job opportunity, so I ended up moving from Pittsburgh to NC, and the place I moved to only has one ice rink within 70 miles or so, and it's hard to access. Needless to say it smothered part of my dream.

Recently I've been getting more and more determined to play, regardless of situation. I'm back in Pittsburgh visiting for the holidays, so I went out the day I came back (after a 10 hour drive, mind you) and tried on some skates. After a lot of reading I figured a better pair of skates was probably the first thing I should do. I ended up getting some Bauer Supreme one.4's, got them sharpened, threw on some waxed laces (read the horror stories about the bauer stock laces) and went out today for a public skate.

I had the entire place to myself, and I was so happy. In my Easton's I usually couldn't skate more than 10 minutes at a time because the pain (partly the skate and partly my conditioning, I imagine). Today I was able to go for about 20 minutes straight, took a 3 minute break, retied my skates, and went out for another 40 mins. I was even able to skate backwards after never trying it before, even going up and down the ice 2 length (and turning while backwards!) Pretty proud of myself The only thing that bothered me really was my mid foot on the outside, but I think that after I get my skates broken in and get used to using all those different muscles and such, it will go a lot better.

Anyway, right before I left, thought I would do something fun and just get some good speed and belly slide down the ice. Hit a divot right before I was going to go down and fell on my left hip, and it's been throbbing ever since.

Regardless, overall a great experience, a big step toward my dream, I guess. I'm going to go every day this week and next, hopefully build up some strength. I'd like to do a skate and shoot, but I feel like if I'm still having trouble skating, I might just get in people's way.

(PS: Ordered a pair of hockey pants today, should be here Wednesday, hopefully that will help avoid some of the falling down injuries that I'm sure I will get)

EDIT: Took back my one.4s, they weren't large enough, got vapor x4.0 in a half size larger and EE width...yeah they weren't big enough

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