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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post
Not that it wasn't official before, but the Bills-Toronto series was a giant flop. Yesterday was the icing on the cake. Only 40,000 (several of which I'm sure were freebies) showed up in a 54,000 seat stadium at reduced ticket prices (avg. $99).

This series has been great for the Bills. For Rogers and Toronto, not so much.

There won't be any NFL team moving to southern Ontario in the forseeable future, if ever.
It wasn't a giant flop for the Seahawks! Man did they crush the Bills. Russell Wilson has impressed me everytime I see him play. A rookie QB who is so calm and dynamic

I cant wait to see them play the 9ers! Should be a great game

Yes the NFL will not be moving to southern Ontario. There just isnt enough football support in general in the province Ontario. From my experience and traveling with work through Toronto and partying on the weekend with people from T.O., Windsor and other areas that there is much more interest in the NFL then CFl but not even close enough to warrent a team there.
Actually 40k sold is not to shabby looking at the Argos they averaged only 23k a game this season but I guess the one NFL game is more of an anomaly as it is only one game

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