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Originally Posted by Steelheads101 View Post
I don't think it's a case that this team has gotten worse. It's a case that the others have found their potential. This is exactly what happened last year. Enough winning in the beginning of the season when everyone was fresh and eager, to help get them to playoffs, but not enough of anything to keep them going.

I agree that there is less of something (drive, effort, effectiveness as a coach), however, I disagree that it's a back end problem. Take a look at the game last night. Twice Cord and Diodati had to stand there yelling for someone to come and work the breakout. The breakout should be an automatic thing by now no matter what line. That's fundamental hockey. Of course the D look bad, the lack of support from the forwards makes it look like a D issue. Break it down and take a good look, many of the goals against are because a forward didn't pick up their guy. When in your own end, everyone is D at some point.

I still contend that they should be sellers not buyers.
Why I refer to the Defence, is because they along with the goalier were the nucleus and strength of the team during its winning period. Now they seem to have slipped a bit, and it doesnt mean they are not playing good, but just not as good as before.

The offence is minimal at most, and most of their offence capitalizes on other team's giveaways and rebounds. They dont have much offence, and havent had much over the last few years, unless it was from the players that they traded for- Shugg, Smoskovitz, etc...

They seem to draft players that compete alot and are character kids, but dont seem to have the skill set. That's just the Mississauga way.

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