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12-17-2012, 09:11 PM
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Okay guys, so we have 16 of our confirmed teams joined up in the league on NHL13.

Once we get all 30 GM's in (possibly only need 3 more) then the league will officially launch and we will have 3 days to complete that block!


There has been a good suggestion and one that makes a lot of sense. We will SIM the very first block for two reasons;

1) This ensures that the very last block of the season will be one that we get to physically play. This allows for people to take fate into their own hands and win themselves a playoff spot or a better seed.

2) People can make their one or both of their trades prior to this block being simmed and get their new players for their very first block they get to play.

With that said guys, start working the PM's and the Chatzy to get your deals done and DO NOT PLAY ANY GAMES THIS FIRST BLOCK!

This block will be simmed once we get all 30 guys signed up on the thread and on the league in NHL13.

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