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12-17-2012, 09:20 PM
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I think people who "poo poo" Gagner have to look at his career so far with a little perspective.

His rookie yearhe put up good points with Cogs and Nielsson

For his entire NHL career he's been on the Oilers. That would be from what, 2007 on. Pretty sucky club to be on in the formative years. Who was he gonna learn from, the all star Horcoff?

As far as I can tell, he's been nothing but positive and does not complain about any role he is put in. Every off season he seems to work on particular weaknesses to make them stronger.

Stands up for his teammates and throws the fists when it is appropriate.,,,even though he is not a "tough guy" and probably weighs less than George Laraque's sweater after a hockey game.

As others have mentioned, has played with mainly rookies and Under 20 kids his entire tenure here...a leader among the young guns.

I've never heard this dude say a negative thing since he's been in Edmonton, though there have been many times, if I were him, a little piping up in your face WTF am I doing here attitude would not be unreasonable for him.

What we have here is a diamond in the rough. If you don't want to allow a little patience for a 22 year old with leadership skills, hockey skills, and the wherewithall to work on his deficiencies...all without making a peep or complaint about the absolutely crappy situation he's been saddled with since starting here, have at er.

I like what Gags has brought to the team emotionally, spritually, and even physically with some of his scraps.

One of the most underrated players in Oiler history if I may go so far....which I will.

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