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12-17-2012, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Oi'll say! View Post
He's not redundant, he's the only 2nd line center they have and 2nd line centers are crucial.

An example of redundant is Yakupov; an 18 yr old who's projected to be an elite 1st line rw on a team that already has an elite 1st line rw and a veteran 2nd line rw. There's an elite winger on lw as well.

Going fwd the Oilers should really move away from having a logjam of elite talent on the rw and acquire some assets that will elevate the level of play in some other spots where they are "less than elite".
The difference is that you're comparing somebody who has an elite skillset to soembody who has fairly average skills.
So are you saying that you would move Yakupov before you would move Gagner?

I wouldn't move Gagner until the Oilers have a viable replacement lined up whoever that may be. But what i do know is that a RNH-Gagner combo will likely always struggle against tough, rugged teams which the west has several of and when you have Hall, Eberle and Yakupov on the wings, the need for a 2 way presence at center becomes even greater.
Just look at all the top teams, they all have a strong 2 way presence at center.
I think that Gagner is a better fit on a team like Anaheim or St. Louis where he can be sheltered by a big 2 way center and tough, rugged wingers. He is just not a fit here long term IMO.

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