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12-18-2012, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by leaponover View Post
Do you read what you write? Yeah, he doesn't have to work for the money? I guess you are some super robot that thinks rehabbing is easy. Listen, you said you were old. You probably hurt getting out of bed in the morning. Try rehabbing. The pain it takes to exercise through scar tissue and get limber again. That is work no matter what way you try to spin it. If you have any sense of right and wrong you will at least acknowledge the gross error on your part in saying that rehab isn't work.
I would interject here and say that rehab is work, and it is $4.5 million dollar work (and I couldn't imagine the pressure....) but it isn't work from which the Islanders have been benefitting in a long time. A price tag of that size should come with a benefit rather than a deficit. Unfortunately, he's kinda become that through injuries and fickle happenstance.

No hate towards the guy, but I want him to rehab where hiccups won't slow the momentum the Islanders and Tigers are trying to build. I like him right where he is only geographically, not situationally. If he convalesced properly and returned to form, I'd welcome him back if the proof was in the pudding on his way back up the food chain. I simply want to see this being done first, as we all have reasons to feel pensive when he rushes comebacks.

If he belongs on an NHL roster, maybe he'll get it together in Germany and ride a good streak that outlasts his usual cycle of injuries. He needs to be taking baby steps - he can do that in Europe much easier than in Bridgeport or the Island. As far as what he gets paid......without the effect he has on the salary cap, the Isles may not be in the position they are, which is an uptake from where they've been. They're at a point where Wang should be poised to start spending again, and $4.5 million not on the active roster 50 games a year is $4.5 million he can't spend elsewhere.

I only want to see my team return to respectability in more style and grace than they've had in nearly two decades. I think most of us can agree there, and we should also be able to agree that both rosters, Long Island and Bridgeport, benefit from having dependable goaltending as any team does. DiPietro, for all his efforts, isn't providing that with a team in a league a few steps down from the NHL. He can't provide it only averaging 11.8 games per year for the last for years. I miss the DP we had in '06-'07 too, but he's got a ways to go before that possibility enters reality. Better explored there than here.

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