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Harry Lumley

11/11/1926 – 9/13/1998
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 195 lb (88 kg)
Hand: Left

Played for:
Detroit Red Wings (1943-50)
Chicago Black Hawks (1950-52)
Toronto Maple Leafs (1952-56)
Buffalo Bison {AHL} (1956-58)
Boston Bruins (1957-60)
Providence Reds {AHL} (1958-59)
Winnipeg Warriors {WHL} (1960-61)

1943-44AHLIndianapolis Capitals52191514702.84
1943-44NHLNew York Rangers/Detroit Red Wings3001304.33
1944-45AHLIndianapolis Capitals211154622.14
1944-45NHLDetroit Red Wings3724311913.22
1945-46NHLDetroit Red Wings50201015923.18
1946-47NHLDetroit Red Wings52221015933.06
1947-48NHLDetroit Red Wings60301214772.46
1948-49NHLDetroit Red Wings6034714562.42
1949-50NHLDetroit Red Wings63331414872.35
1950-51NHLChicago Black Hawks64121024633.90
1951-52NHLChicago Black Haws7017924123.46
1952-53NHLToronto Maple Leafs702713167102.39
1953-54NHLToronto Maple Leafs693213128131.86
1954-55NHLToronto Maple Leafs69232213481.94
1955-56NHLToronto Maple Leafs59211015732.67
1956-57AHLBuffalo Bisons6325226404.19
1957-58AHLBuffalo Bisons17716313.67
1957-58NHLBoston Bruins241137032.92
1958-59AHLProvidence Reds5827220843.59
1958-59NHLBoston Bruins11812712.45
1959-60NHLBoston Bruins4216514623.48
1960-61EPHLKingston Frontenacs210703.50
1960-61WHLWinnipeg Warriors6117421302.49
TotalNHLDetroit Red Wings, et al8033301422,206712.76
TotalAHLIndianapolis Capitals, et al211892572863.45
TotalALLDetroit Red Wings, et al1,0774371843,154772.93

YearLeagueTeamGPWGASOGAATeam he lost to
1943-44AHLIndianapolis Capitals511803.60Buffalo Bison
1944-45NHLDetroit Red Wings1473122.14Toronto Maple Leafs
1945-46NHLDetroit Red Wings511613.10Boston Bruins
1947-48NHLDetroit Red Wings1043003.00Toronto Maple Leafs
1948-49NHLDetroit Red Wings1142602.15Toronto Maple Leafs
1949-50NHLDetroit Red Wings1482831.85Stanley Cup Champions
1953-54NHLToronto Maple Leafs511502.80Detroit Red Wings
1954-55NHLToronto Maple Leafs401403.50Detroit Red Wings
1955-56NHLToronto Maple Leafs511312.57Detroit Red Wings
1957-58NHLBoston Bruins10505.00New York Rangers
1958-59NHLBoston Bruins732002.75Toronto Maple Leafs
TotalNHLDetroit Red Wings, et al762919872.491x Stanley Cup Champion
TotalALLIndianapolis Capitals, et al813021672.671x Stanley Cup Champion

*Injured during the 1946-47 playoffs
Transaction History:
1950: Traded along with Jack Stewart, Al Dewsbury, Pete Babando, and Don Morrison from the Detroit Red Wings to the Chicago Black Hawks in exchange for Metro Prystai, Gaye Stewart, Bob Goldham, and Jim Henry
1952: Traded from the Chicago Black Hawks to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for Al Rollins, Gus Mortson, Cal Gardner, and Ray Hannigan

1945: 4th in All Star voting
1946: 3rd in All Star voting; 4th in Hart voting
1947: 5th in All Star voting; close second in Vezina
1948: 4th in All Star voting
1950: Stanley Cup Champion
1951: Played on the All Star team
1954: 1st Team All Star; 5th in Hart voting (2nd goalie); Vezina Trophy winner
1955: 1st Team All Star; 2nd in Hart voting; Extremely close second in Vezina (better GAA than Sawchuk, but team gave up one more goal)
1980: Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Newspaper Articles:
Originally Posted by Edmonton Journal, December 10, 1945
Harry Lumley, ace goaltender of Detroit Red Wings is continuing to lead the race among National Hockey League goalies, league statistics show today. Lumley, with 28 goals against in 13 games has an average of 2.154, and seems to be headed straight to the Vezina trophy...
Originally Posted by The Montreal Gazette, March 31, 1947
Harry Lumley, Detroit Red Wing goalie, will undergo a serious groin operation Monday...He was the star in a victory over New York Rangers 10 days ago which clinched a playoff berth
Originally Posted by The Ottawa Citizen, January 1, 1948
The crowd was treated to a sensational performance by Lumley, who kicked out 31 shots from all angles as he ran a red-hot string to seven straight scoreless periods
Originally Posted by Ludington Daily News, January 9, 1948
the Canadiens fought the Wings to a standstill in Montreal Thursday night and were held to a tie only by the brilliant work of Harry Lumley, Detroit goalie
Originally Posted by The Calgary Herald, December 2, 1949
The big goalie racked up his fourth - and second successive - shutout of the campaign...Lumley,...,turned in a performance that was a far cry from that last weekend when he allowed 13 goals as the Wings lost two games
Originally Posted by Montreal Gazette, April 10, 1950
Detroit Red Wings, backed by faultless netminding by apple-cheeked Harry Lumley, trampled Toronto Maple Leafs 4-0 Saturday night before 14,274 fans and tie up their best-of-seven Stanley Cup semi-final series 3-3...Lumley blocked 21 shots as he scored his first shutout of the series.
Originally Posted by Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, April 17, 1950
What little back-slapping went on in the Detroit hockey dressing room Saturday night all fell on the wide shoulders of Harry Lumley...Lumley even had a hostile Toronto crowd cheering for him in the dying moments of the game.
Originally Posted by The Milwaukee Journal, April 17, 1950
...and an apple-cheeked goalie named Harry Lumley make the Detroit Red Wings almost prohibitive favorites to win the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup
Originally Posted by Edmonton Journal, July 14, 1950
In Lumley the Hawks obtain one of the best goalies in the business.
It seems that Lumley had basically nothing to work with on the Black Hawks:
Originally Posted by The Calgary Herald, February 23, 1951
It was also the first game in two weeks for Harry Lumley, one of hockey's best goaltenders, whose fate most of this season has been to play behind a defence sadly weakened by injuries to such top performers as Jack Stewart and Bill Gadsby
Originally Posted by The Calgary Hearld, January 11, 1952
The goaltending of Harry Lumley of the Chicago Black Hawks was the bright feature of the last NHL meeting between Hawks and Toronto Maple Leafs. Chicago was beaten 2-1 but time and again Lumley turned back efforts, taking 37 shots.
Originally Posted by The Windsor Daily Star, March 13, 1954
If Harry Lumley of Toronto Maple Leafs and Terry Sawchuk of Detroit Red Wings finish in a deadlock for goal-tending honors the National Hockey League may be out an extra $1,000
Originally Posted by The Edmonton Journal, September 28, 1954
This season's annual battle will be notable for the fact that facing each other, from opposite ends of the rink, will be two of the greatest net-minders in hockey history. They are Terry Sawchuk of Red Wings and Harry Lumley of the Toronto Leafs.
Originally Posted by The Windsor Daily Star, October 8, 1954
While it must be admitted that the Toronto standard-bearers did not, as a team, look too good against the all-veteran Wings - and would have been beat much more decisively had it not been for the brilliant goal-tending of their Vezina Trophy winner, Harry Lumley - they still showed enough for their supporters not to lose heart
Originally Posted by The Leader Post, March 11, 1955
Both Lumley and goalie Jacques Plante of the Canadiens performed brilliantly in halting all scoring attempts. Lumley dived into a blistering shot by Jackie Leclair in the last period.
Originally Posted by The Montreal Gazette, January 20, 1958
Harry Lumley exhibits the form which enabled him to blank the league leading Canadiens...The 31-year-old Lumley, who was purchased recently by the Bruins from Buffalo, came through with a good display of netminding.
Originally Posted by The Leader-Post, March 25, 1959
"You couldn't get the puck by the big guy tonight even if you had a gun," said Punch Imlach, Toronto general manager and coach. "No goalie in hockey could have done a better job."
Originally Posted by Ottawa Citizen, December 30, 1959
Two National Hockey League goaltenders in a quest of job-security fought in a bitter duel Tuesday night. Harry Lumley won as Boston Bruins defeated the Rangers 4-3 in New York...Lumley was superb but earned himself a 10-minute misconduct penalty and automatic $25 fine at the end of the game for arguing with referee Dalton McArthur
Originally Posted by Bangor Daily News, September 14, 1998
He ranks ninth in career shutouts and is also in the top 10 in career wins
My take:
It seems to me that Lumley was considered one of the better goalies of his era, which was an unusual one. It was somewhat sandwiched in between eras. He was well established by the time Plante, Hall, and Sawchuk entered the league, and was also one of the best when Brimsek, Broda, and Durnan retired. Even when he was declining with the Bruins, it seemed as though he was able to put together streaks where he simply couldn't be scored on. This was true throughout his career; there were many mentions to shutout streaks throughout his career, and when he died in 1998, he was still 9th in career shutouts. He was brought up as a 17-year-old, and performed decently. He improved basically wherever he went, even if it's just one year to the next. I think if he wasn't on the lowly Black Hawks in between the Red Wings and Maple Leafs he would be remembered a bit more favorably, as that seemed to be his prime, seeing as he won the Stanley Cup in the 1949-50 season and the Vezina in the 1953-54 season.

Fun Facts:
Shares a name with an early MLB outfielder
Married in 1952; saw a sharp uptick in performance afterwards

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