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Originally Posted by ScottyHolden View Post
I've watched Kadri play all season, and I feel he's been nothing special. Him getting this designation 'player of the week' I feel, is solely based on his points, not on his actual play. I can name a handful marlies playing above and beyond his level, and they get far less icetime.

The guy turns over the puck like it's his full time job, looks like he is going at half speed most of the time. He seems to always be one step behind the competition.

I played competitive hockey all my life and know all his little tricks, in order to make it look like he's working harder then he is. He doesn't ever save ice on turns, it's always this wide drawn out circle, doesn't keep his feet moving.. It's frustrating because i will watch him play a whole game terribly, then he will somehow net 2 assists on the only two passes that were good and everyone cheers him as if he's a superstar. I dunno if this makes sense, but it's like he is playing to impress his girlfriend in the crowd. He has this nonchalant'ness' to the way he plays which is aggravating at times. I would be stoked about his confidence if he were heads above everyone else on the ice, but he isn't, he's just a fine player that is slightly above average in the AHL.

Then again maybe this guy is a superstar, and I just can't get over my initial feelings towards his play style. Maybe I can't see his potential because he's such a sloppy skater, I just don't know. I really want to like him, I was excited when he was a london knight, and playing for team canada, but now not so much. I feel like I see the same things leaf management see's, and I full understand why he hasn't been brought up full time to the big leagues.. I think if he does make it too the big leagues he won't stack up more than a third line centre, or possibly a second line winger.
I understand what you're saying but the reason I like Naz is the same reason I love Patrick Kane. They just make it look effortless. I'm not saying they are at the same level (or even that they aren't for that matter) but I think they share the same trait as personalities on the ice.

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