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12-18-2012, 12:38 AM
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Originally Posted by tyflames View Post
If the team were to enter a rebuild then I would totally agree but that doesn't seem likely soon. Eventually we will have to go on without kipper but I would like to see him retire as a flame if possible, not only as a fan, but also because he is our best chance to stay competive is all I'm saying. If we rebuild then I agree completely with you.
This team will never rebuild it just won't not with these owners, I understand the wanting to stay competitive I really do but if we trade Kipper and get a prospect and a pick then two things happen
a) Irving/Ramo/Karlsson rise to the occasion and prove that they are nhl goalies and we stay competitive and we got a prospect and a pick.
b) All 3 not only flame out they don't even put up mediocre numbers like Kipper did in 10-11 (SV .906, GAA 2.63) we end up with a real high pick that could go along way to solving future forward problems and then we sign a goalie.

Personally I think it is more likely that the 3 combined put up atleast a .906 SV% so I would take the gamble. If you want a guarantee of being competitive for the playoffs then keeping Kipper would be a smart idea but 3 out of the last 5 years Kipper has been very mediocre mostly do to over playing him so I think trading him is the right choice as I think we can find someone to put up decent numbers.

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